Ball Brand #CanItForward Giveaway

by Becky Elmuccio on August 13, 2014


On Saturday August 16, Jarden Home Brands will host the first annual International Can-It-Forward Day with special guest renowned chef and Bravo’s Top Chef judge, Hugh Acheson! A day to celebrate home canning, International Can-It-Forward Day allows food enthusiasts to connect via a variety of online and in-person activities.

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New and experienced canners can participate in a live webcast on, taking place on the ground in the Brooklyn Borough Hall Farmers Market, filled with canning demos where viewer questions will be answered in real-time by Chef Acheson and other experts while they learn the most popular (and delicious) home canning recipes. Twenty five farmers markets across the country will also be hosting Can-It-Forward Day celebrations!

In addition to the canning demos, there will also be segments on crafting, herb gardening and the brand’s new drinkware line! Ball Brand will also be attempting a Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Mason Jar Mosaic!

#can it forward giveaway

#CanItForward Giveaway

As part of the International #CanItForward Day, you can enter a giveaway for some amazing products from Jarden Home Brands, makers of Ball canning products.

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One Lucky Reader will win:

  • The New Limited Edition Spring Green Heritage Collection Jars These limited edition jars commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Ball brothers’ “Perfection” Jar and come in a beautiful green tint. These are being produced only in 2014 and are available in both pint and quart varieties. (Pint retail value: $9.99 per case/ Quart retail value $12.99 per case)
  • Fresh Herb KeeperMany new to gardening start with herbs as an easy first step. To savor the seasonings, Ball has developed a new product to keep herbs fresh for up to two weeks. (Retail value: $12.99)
  • Dry Herb Jars A perfectly-sized solution for storing your dried herbs. Great for storing seasonings, spices and rubs too! Stackable, low-profile design makes pantry or drawer storage more efficient than old, mis-matched containers. (Retail value: $4.99)
  • Frozen Herb StartersPreserve your fresh seasonings in ready to use cubes filled with butter, oil or other liquid for easy and flavorful meal starters. (Retail value: $11.99)
  • 5 Blade Herb ScissorsStainless steel blades to gently cut and evenly slice herbs like basil, parsley and cilantro. (Retail value: $9.99)
  • Ball Blue BookOffering 125 pages that will guide you while you learn about preserving, this book provides information on equipment, instructions for the preserving method and recipes! (Retail value: $6.49)

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We can’t wait to see who wins and stay tuned later this week for my own adventures in canning. Do you can or preserve your harvest at home?

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