31 Days of Resolutions Update

by Becky Elmuccio on April 1, 2013

New Year's ResolutionsWell, the first quarter of the year is behind us and I thought I would take a post to check in on the progress that I have been making on my 31 Days of Resolutions series in January. I have had a very busy start to the year, but I am making progress in most of the areas in which I set goals.

1. Doing 31 Days of Resolutions – I did it! I wrote each day in January. It was tremendous for me to tackle and I feel like it really got the ball rolling for me to write this year.

2. Crafting and Reading Goals – In the past week, I have been heading up to read before bed and I have been knitting. I would love to do this each night, but little by little, I am getting there. I happen to be reading Gone Girland it has been motivation to wrap up work for the night and see which twist is coming next.

3. Setting Budget Goals – We still need to establish a monthly budget, but things like meal planning are helping us to be more frugal.

4. Learning a New Language – We have been reading more Spanish books with Tomato, but I would love to incorporate more auditory learning into our day.

5. Writing More – I have enjoyed writing 3-5 posts per week and sometimes have even had the chance to write twice a day.

6. Decluttering – More bags have gone out for Pickupplease.org and we are unloading more books and DVDs for an area sale this month.

7. Menu Planning – I love menu planning and Tomato and I have a blast doing it each week over breakfast and dinner times before we start the weekly food shopping.

8. Composting – As the garage gets worked over, the composter is remaining quiet for now. Give us another month and we’ll be set to start.

9. Having Guest Posts – I have had some guests here and I had a gardening guest post over on Made in USA Challenge.

10. Cross Stitch – This one lies dormant. Maybe soon!

11. Meal Planning and Food Budgeting – I have been going really strong with this. Price book – check! Meal planning – check!

12. Resting – This is the hardest one, but I actually just knit and watched tv today during naptime today. Not a ton of resting each day, but I am getting there.

13. Blog Goals for 2013 – I am signed up for Type A, I have several affiliate programs now and I am building my numbers each day. I am feeling strong within this goal.

14. Green Home Improvements – As we make changes in our home, we are always keeping green materials in mind.

15. Trying New Foods – We have made Pyure stevia brownies and my next goal is to use the Hemp Oil when we make roasted veggies. Luckily, Nutiva was fantastic about helping us figure out which items may or may not have peanut cross contamination. Fantastic customer service on their end!

16. Making My Own Yogurt – I have been making bread like crazy, but the yogurt maker remains in the pantry.

17. Destashing – I have had the opportunity to unload some of my yarn. There is still some left in case you want to peruse and purchase.

18. Learning How to Delegate and Organize – As much as we would like to DIY it all by ourselves, we don’t have the time right now. So, we called, we got estimates and March and April have been busy months for getting things done around this house. I can’t wait for the big reveal in a few weeks.

19. Blog Hopping – I still need to reqorganize my blog hop page, but I am being more realistic about which weeks I have time to hop and which weeks I do not. I am not letting this overwhelm me, which is a good personal step forward.

20. Green Cleaning My Home – We are in the midst of the deep cleaning for springtime, and these cloths and the Ology glass cleaner are all ready to go for the doors after our handyman finishes up with the painting near the doors.

21. Using My Cookbooks – While we have been much better at meal planning, I still need to crack these open each week in order to use them.

22. Making My Own Bread – With Tomato’s recent peanut allergy diagnosis, making our own bread has become tantamount. I love my breadmaker and have used it weekly in the last few months.

23. Finishing UFOs – I got a few bibs done in the last week, but the big pile of UFOs remains.

24. Save Money in My Beauty Routine – The makeup removal cloth that I reviewed has become a great addition to my daily routine. I am loving that it saves me money and is green at the same time!

25. Send More Letters in the Mail – As we speak, birthday cards are in the mail for folks and we have had a blast choosing new stamps like the gorgeous flowers ones that are being released this week.

26. Tackling the DIY Blog Critique – Oh, how I wish that I could say that I have made progress on this one. I need to sit down one naptime and map out how to tackle it a little at a time. As much as I wish that I could have a weekend to barrel through it, bit by bit is the reality.

27. Keep Trying New Green Products – I have had the great opportunity to keep trying new green products to review for all of you. Keep an eye out this month for reviews on Shaklee and Truce cleaning products.

28. Stretch my Baking Skills – With the new peanut allergy, baking and cooking at home has taken on even more of a priority. I need to start choosing some of these recipes to play with for some special treats at home.

29. Participate in the Locavore Challenge – I had the best time in February discovering ways to eat local in the Philly area in winter. Local pancakes, learning about Native American foods and finding activities to do on the farm while shopping local were great steps forward in our locavore journey.

30. Finish this Quilt – I tracked down the type of stitch I need, but haven’t wrapped it up yet.

31. Choosing Companies Who Give Back – We have been discovering some great new companies, like boom Boom! cards, who donate a proceed of their profits to charity. I would love to find some more clothing companies who are doing this.

So, that’s where I stand with my 31 Resolutions. How are you doing on all of yours?


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Lindsay April 1, 2013 at 6:31 am

Wow that’s an impressive set of goals, but it sounds like you’re making progress on most! I couldn’t put Gone Girl down, it took over my life for 24 hours on New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day. I like your resolution of resting. I need to try that each day.


Becky Elmuccio April 6, 2013 at 6:24 am

I finished the book and am not sure how I feel about the ending, but it did have me reading with a flashlight into the night.


Jo @ Let's Face the Music April 4, 2013 at 9:38 am

This is a great list; I’d like to copy it for myself but I’d have to spread it over 3 years (31 months) instead of 31 days. I’m rootin’ for ya! Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


Becky Elmuccio April 6, 2013 at 6:26 am

Thanks, Jo! I think you’re pretty good at crossing things off of your list though. I am looking forward to seeing all that you tackle at The Grove this year.


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