Tuesday Greens #26: Earth Day Network

by Becky Elmuccio on March 26, 2013



Welcome to Tuesday Greens #26! This week I am introducing you to the Earth Day Network and The Face of Climate Change.

It’s continuing to snow here in the Philly area even though I’d love to think that spring is nigh. Every time that I think I am getting outside to rake leaves and add new soil, Mother Nature seems to have other plans. Since I don’t have any garden tales to tell yet, I’d like to introduce you to a cool new Earth Day Network project called The Face of Climate Change.

Earth Day Network

Photo from www.earthday.org

Earth Day is quickly approaching and I love all of the ways that I am finding to celebrate it. Yesterday, I had a great guest post from Sarah Mazzone about the Moms Clean Air Force Philly 5K. In addition to that, I came across this project and think it is such a strong way to use social media to raise eco-awareness. Brought to you by the Earth Day Network, the project is asking folks to take a picture of people or animals who are affected by climate change. It has a wonderfully broad scope in which to interpret your idea of climate change. So, think about where you live or pictures that you have taken on vacation and pop on over to the Earth Day Network website and upload your photo. In fact, you can upload more than one!

The digital collection will be presented at various Earth Day celebrations and should pack an amazing punch. It is available to anyone who would like to view it and is free. If you are posting pictures on Twitter and Instagram, be sure to use the #FaceofClimate hashtag. Any tweets with the hashtag will be visible in the sidebar of the display.

So, do you have plans for Earth Day? I look forward to reading and pinning everyone’s post this week!

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