September 2011

oompa Company and Purchase Review

September 9, 2011

oompa is a good site to find eco-friendly toys for kids. I found it shortly after Tomato was born and it has been a great resource for us to order gifts for her and other children. Their mission is to provide buyers with simple, imaginative toys that are made of natural fabrics, fibers and other […]

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We Love Boon Review

September 8, 2011

We are big boon fans here at Casa Crafty Garden Mama. Not only do we like the design aesthetic of this company, but we also like their efforts to be a green and safe company for kids. We first found boon products when we were doing Tomato’s baby registry at Buy Buy Baby (an incredible […]

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Cozi Calendar Saves the Day…

September 6, 2011

…and the week, the month and possibly our year. Cozi Calendar is an online calendar, to-do list, recipe file and overall organizational wonder. We have been using it in earnest for the last two months and it has been awesome. Yes, I said awesome and I really mean it. It has taken this family from […]

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