August 2011

The Harvest Before the Hurricane

August 28, 2011

With Hurrican Irene bearing down on the East Coast this weekend, we chose Friday to haul in some of the veggies that were ready to be harvested. We had a good start to some carrots and now know that we can let them stay in a little longer barring any other natural disasters. Scarlet Nantes […]

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Pinterest Time!

August 22, 2011

I stumbled across Pinterest a few months ago when some other bloggers began talking about it. After getting and invite after a couple of days, I was ready to start! It is a phenomenal website that is slowly helping me to convert my large “idea files” into paperless online pinboards. This is helping me to […]

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Snow Cowl

August 15, 2011

Earlier this summer, I posted about starting the Snow Cowl by Margaux of tentenknits. Almost a year ago, I knit the Luxe Cowl that she designed and loved the simplicity of the pattern and the pace at which it can be knit. This pattern lived right up to my expectations of the last. Margaux has […]

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A Bevy of Bibs

August 14, 2011

It seems that every time that I have sat down in the early morning to write a post, the Tomato wakes up to start her day. So, I’m tempting the fates just by writing this now.Wish me luck! It has continued to be a busy and fun summer here. Watching Tomato grow and expand her […]

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